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for past week ive been having trouble getting calls, when my husband calls and i answer,,, i hear no operator or automated machine so i can accept the calls , he repeats calling lots of times till i hear and can accept calls. why is this happening anyone knows,,, i called cbs but says everything is in order,,, dont know what to do plz someone help they told me that they are going to investigate , for me to check back within 24 to 48 hours......hopefully they can fix it , because this is getting frustating,,,,has anyone had this problem before,

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ive been having to use cbs as well for about a year now and ive never had the problem where my husband has called me and i cant hear an operator/automatated voice come on so that i can accept the call until is really irritating cus he has called at least 20x probably thinking im not answering the phone.


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I used to work for this company, it did happen a lot with many different facilities. CBS if only the billing company.

They set up the accounts and make sure the lines are clear to get the calls. That is all through a computer system there in front of the rep. Anything outside of that building is usually on the end of the facility it self. They don't tell people that, but if there are certain words said, they cut off the call, they listen to everything you say.

Not CBS but the Facility itself. ALso, if there is someone in the facility that is acting up, they will cut off the phones, then CBS gets blamed for it. I was with the company for almost a year so I knew the ends and outs and would stay on the phone with a costomer for hours if needed. I really hope you get someone who can speak Engish and help you with this.

Also, don't let them keep telling you 24-48 hrs. And plaese keep your cool, I know it's hard sometimes, but these people can only tell you what they see on a computer screen in front of them, then they have to send it to another department who has to call a tech and so on.

That's why it takes so long. Hope all goes well and things get fixed.

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