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This company is making a fortune off of the family of inmates they claim that they will refund you well that is BS. my fiance and I were cut off of our phone calls 6 times in a row one night and then the next 4 times in a row but when I addressed this company about the situation they told me it had to be because of either third party calls or I placed him on hold.

And then because our calls did actually last more then 7 minutes they will not refund the money to the account so they made .87 cents on each one of those calls that are supposed to be 30 minute calls and will not take responsibility for their system being at fault.

I wish there was another company to go through in order to talk to your loved ones. It is bad enough that our justice system puts them there but then the only company you can deal with to speak to them SUCKS.....

Monetary Loss: $50.

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nerdinger sounds like a resentful angry ignorant zombie who has a lot of time on their hands- enough to make angry remarks to frustrated people. there is strength in numbers- and if we can find the right people to contact, and make our complaints in a cultured manner- straightforward- and organized- keep track of dates, time calls lasted, etc.

and who we speak to at these companies- try to get their names & put the time and date we spoke to them... I'm sure some criminal lawyers or social workers must know who we can put our compaints in to- there must be some senators, judges, or legislators who have family members that have served time also and can have some pull to help us direct our anger (energy) in a constructive direction in which to get some real action going so that new companies (alternatives)can eventually be formed or new standards will come into play.

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