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I feel that this service is nessecery but does it have to bankrupt the users ? In order to talk with family member we have to take these collect calls as we can not call them so you dicide to take total and uncaring advantage of us by charging ungodly fees for a simple service I wounder who is the real criminal here YOU KNOW INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY is suppose to apply to everyone What gives you the right to penilize before the courts do.

My family member was arrested five days ago and has already cost me fifty dollars for two(2) calls. We are seperated by states and vistation is out what else can I do but pay you so and sos so your able to drive great cars I pray someday you have the same exspereance oh how I pray

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Armada, Michigan, United States #3267

I agree with you all the way it is ridiculous that they charge $3 just to say yes. I have spent over $800 (i dont have) on calls over the last 6 months.

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