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My account was also blocked for almost a solid week for no reason and everytime I used my credit card it would say failed and noone could explain why. I called my bank and was informed that they had a system error and even my bank could not explain why there system is so screwed up.

I asked to speak to a manager and was hung up on after holding for 30min.! I finally went through western union on line and within 4 hours my account was cleared. I suggest to keep track of your minutes and calls because they will cut you off before you even know it.


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to the ex-evercom employee: What about competition? Shouldn't we as the users have a say in what company WE want to buy our phone services from?

You are right, it's all legal: but in what country?

the free U.S. or Communist China?

Hobson, Montana, United States #23729

The charges are very high..however the people in jail are inmates and they are there for a reason and using a phone is a privilege not something that is required by law. The profits do not go to just the state of facility they go to evercom the company which is based out of Irvine Texas.

I'm not trying to defend them, I think its a rip off but I know the court will not see it as being a crime. Also having rude customer service is also NOT a crime.

Jarvisburg, North Carolina, United States #23296

Yes this company should be investigated. The charges are extremely high and they money goes back to the state correctional department.

Unfortunately we have been sleeping while things like this occur. There are many people who want to talk to their familes and this is the only company that can set up cell phones and other voip carriers that don't allow collect calls.

How can we get an investigation started?

Mexico, New York, United States #23181

I had the same problem with this company. BUT when I reviewed my bank statement I was charged when it stated "failed". Please be very careful when using your credit card with Evercom.

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