I have a house phone and a cell phone two separate bills and they charge more for the cell bill. first they said they go by address then they said they go by phone numbers.

most of them dont even speak good english. what can I do about this? this isnt fair at all. im not rich at all.

just because they are incarcerated doesnt mean they arent humans. i was on the phone with them for a whole hour. if your phone even clicks it hangs up. isnt it sad.

does anyone know who owns the company? plz let me know

Monetary Loss: $300.

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if your loved one would stop killing people you would stop using that service


I agree with you. My brother can't call my cell phone and I told them I would not have added it if I know that. Also the latin speaking assistant who I could barley understand told me to talke all of the features off my cell phone and then the inmate can call you...WTH

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