I am sending a copy of this to every correctional facility in the state of colorado, to the company of Correctional Billing Services, the US Marshals office, the US President, and the BBB.

I do think that people that are criminals should do their time but this post was just uncalled for. I am an American and I have never been in trouble and do not like being genralized with others. I hope that the person that posted this gets to speak with someone I forward it to.

I did not know that the American Justice system was paying someone to take money from inmates families. That is terrible. I may go even farther than the mentioned above because thbis is our of control. What could this money be going towards in other countries. I wonder I have called to complain about the post and have been on hold for 1 hour so the post is true the company is doing all of this on purpose.

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Purvis, Mississippi, United States #4216

uh.... yes u can get ur money back if it is prepaid and u havent used it, takes 2-3 weeks thorugh the mail to receive it... no scam, calls cost money, so pay for them and get over it!

Sears, Michigan, United States #3576

His mother and i both have cancer and he is 800 miles away so unfortunately i had to purchase the evercom for my son, so we could speak to him for possibly the last time.They reassured me he would be able to use the card to call a cell phone as well as at his facility. well guess what i have been scammed for $52.00.

i have called etc and no refund as well as not able to receive calls.

get the facts straight cause you sure can t get your money back.

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