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I have been trying all day to add money to my account.I know I have enough money on my credit card,but it continues to deny my card.This is NOT the first time this happened ...it happens alot, then when I FINALLY get it to go through,I takes hours sometimes days to have the account unblocked.

On top of that ,I get dropped calls all the time too,

and the fees to just accept the calls are outrageous.

WHAT A SCAM! My husband is in prison,dont you think I may be financially straped as it is?

Monetary Loss: $30.

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As a former CBS employee, I can tell you this. Correctional billing services is NOT a real time company. The systems only update about every 24 hours. There is also equipment at the facility that has to update, and those can update anywhere from every 15 minutes up to every 24 hours. So you would be able to receive calls from your loved one once the systems at the facility update.

As far as the dropped calls, if your calls are a flat rate (meaning every call costs the same, regardless of length) you are able to receive credit for any call that is 6 minutes or less - full credit for calls 1-3 minutes and half credit for calls 4-6 minutes. If you calls are charged per minute (meaning that you pay for each minute that you are on the phone) you are able to receive full credit for any 1 min calls and the surcharge can be credited back for any calls that are 10 minutes or less as long as there is immediate call back.

And if you don't like the price of the calls, contact the facility. Correctional Billing Services does not set the prices, the facility does. All they can do is tell you how much they cost.

And with your payments, if you try 8 million times in one day to make a payment, you are only screwing yourself. As a sercurity feature, we can only take one attempt to take a payment every 24 hours. I mean, really, if someone stole your credit card and knew your zip code, would you like it if they were able to pay TONS of money on their accounts and then your be screwed? I think not. And ya know, sometimes the system just dosen't work. We use Billmatrix to handle the credit card and check transactions when you make the payment with a customer service rep. And their systems can sometimes go down, however, you still do have to wait a FULL 24 hours to make another payment, unless, that is, you are using a different Visa or Mastercard or a check. And if that doesn't work, there is always Western Union. No minimum payment (pay whatever you want) and no fee that goes to CBS (though you DO have to pay Western Union's fee, wich is usually about 10 dollars. Your payment gets there in about 5-8 hours, and you will be receiving calls in 2-24 hours after the payment posts. Or you can always mail a check or money order to

Correctional Billing Services

PO Box 650757

Dallas, TX 75065-0757

(make sure that on the memo line of the check you include your account number (if you know it) and your phone number)

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