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When calling, you are on hold a min. of 20 mins before anyone answers.

When you finally get a person your call is disconnected after 30 - 40 mins without completion of what you needed help with. I can't discribe the frustration of feeling of being scammed.

Their website is useless and incorrect. My account say's it is blocked and I have always been a prepaid account.

When I asked to show their rates & fee's in writing, I was refered to the useless website. While they were trying to locate on the web for me, I was disconnected.

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Did you know Friends & Family members are able to open a new account; log-in and put money on your existing account; request short call credits; and find information why you may not be getting your calls at www.securustech.net?. Additionally, you may requested assistance by email at customer_service@securustech.net and could even conduct a real-time online chat session with a Securus Correctional Billing Services Representative at www.securustech.net! Of course you are always able to call Securus Correctional Billing Services at 1-800-844-6591, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

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