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Every day at least three to for times a day my call is diconnected in the first couple of mins for no reason..its 2010 n their computerized system cant tell the difference between a beep n the *** cord movin..whenever I call they tell me to fill out the form,fill out the form like I have the time or money to wait on their decision..

its not my fault their system sucks n so do the jail phones..I spend at least $35 every two days on this *** phone just to be able to talk to my husband..someone needs to investigate them n fix whatever it is thats wrong..

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For the past 6 days when my boyfriend has called me it has prematurely cut off for no reason & with no notice. I spend mucho bucks for this service & they tell me that i have to go online to give them my PERMISSION to grant me a refund and/or credit my account!

this is what i called customer service for in the first place!!!!!!!!! aside from the last 6 days the cut offs have happened about 3 times before. it seems like the more money you put on your account the more they feel that they can get away with f*****g you over. they know that we need their service so they believe that we will just deal with it!

i totally 100% agree that something MUST be done about this. :( :(


It sux being on the receiving end of a criminal activity doesn't it??

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