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My husband went to jail on 08/16/2009 in Harris County(Houston,Tx)and so I opened an account with Correctional Billing Services, So that I could receive collect calls from my husband while he was in jail.This company is the ONLY one available to use, as they have an exclusive contract with Harris county.

I made a pre-paid deposit of $50.00 by credit card, and they charge a $6.95 non-refundable processing fee.(total charges to my husband's card were $56.95)He was in jail from 08/16/09 until 09/03/09, during this time I was not able to receive a single phone call from him. I called the company EVERYDAY asking why I was not receiving calls, each time I was told "your account is clear and you are able to receive calls" yet I never could.(I have an AT&T pre-paid "Go phone" which was purchased on 08/15/2009)I called AT&T to see if it was an issue with my phone, they assured me it was not my phone and they even called Correctional Billing Services on my behalf while I was on the other line, Correctional Billing Services told AT&T that the line was clear and I should be able to receive calls. yet still no calls.I went through this EVERYDAY for the whole 3 weeks he was in jail,calling both companies and kept getting the same answer. I literally spent about 4-5 hours a day on the phone, between the 2 companies- most of it on hold.Finally my husband was released from jail and I called Correctional Billing Services to request a refund on 09/11/2009,and asked again why I never recieved a call, finally a supervisor told me that there was a block on the phone# itself because someone had the same phone # before me and had written the company a bad check, so the block was placed on the phone # itself,(this was nothing I did wrong, I was assigned this # by AT&T when I got the phone) yet no one could tell me this all the times I called them.

I requested my refund and was told it would be processed within 4-6 weeks, per the company policy (issued back in the same form it was paid- in this case to the credit card)here it is, November 1, 2009 and still no refund. I have called the company several times and they keep telling me they mailed a check on 10-05-09. I have never received the check, and did not want a check, I want it refunded to the credit card (AS PER THEIR COMPANY POLICY). I called again on 10/30/09 and asked AGAIN where is my refund?

a customer service agent told me he was "opening an investigation" into the issue and call back in 24 hours. I called back in 24 hours, and there was no answer form their "back office" and they said call back tomorrow- which was 10/31/09. I called back, still no answer.

So I called again today 11/01/09 and spoke to a supervisor who opened ANOTHER investigation and to call back in 24 hours.Finally we called our bank and reported it to them as fraud and they were able to refund the entire balance to us within 2 hours.

Monetary Loss: $56.

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